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Product  MLB  Black Framed Single Baseball Bat Display case
Finely hand crafted acrylic baseball bat logo display case framed in a black step frame. Display is made of 1/8th inch acrylic. Perfect for displaying your valued collectible. Is either wall mountable or could sit on a shelf of countertop. The back of the display is black acrylic and the rest of the case is clear acrylic. Made in America. Measures 7 1/2" x 40" x 4". Memorabilia sold separately.


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Diamond 4 purchases
Product # Click on your favorite Team to view image Price (USD)
ABB01 Baltimore Orioles $89.95
ABB02 Boston Red Sox $89.95
ABB03 Chicago White Sox $89.95
ABB04 Cleveland Indians $89.95
ABB05 Detroit Tigers $89.95
ABB06 Kansas City Royals $89.95
ABB07 Los Angeles Angels $89.95
ABB08 Minnesota Twins $89.95
ABB09 New York Yankees $89.95
ABB10 Oakland Athletics $89.95
ABB11 Seattle Mariners $89.95
ABB12 Tampa Bay Rays $89.95
ABB13 Texas Rangers $89.95
ABB14 Toronto Blue Jays $89.95
ABB15 Arizona Diamondbacks $89.95
ABB16 Atlanta Braves $89.95
ABB17 Chicago Cubs $89.95
ABB18 Cincinnati Reds $89.95
ABB19 Colorado Rockies $89.95
ABB20 Miami Marlins $89.95
ABB21 Houston Astros $89.95
ABB22 Los Angeles Dodgers $89.95
ABB23 Milwaukee Brewers $89.95
ABB24 New York Mets $89.95
ABB25 Philadelphia Phillies $89.95
ABB26 Pittsburg Pirates $89.95
ABB27 San Siego Padres $89.95
ABB28 San Francisco Giants $89.95                            
ABB29 St Louis Cardinals $89.95                            
ABB30 Washington Nationals $89.95